Cannon Beach

Come explore, enjoy and experience the jewel of the Oregon Coast - Cannon Beach. Nestled amidst some of the most scenic and diverse natural areas on the West Coast, Cannon beach has been named one of Americas 100 Most Beautiful places by National Geographic magazine. Cannon Beach's historical anchor in its past, coupled with its forward-thinking present, has allowed it to develop into an arts and cultural mecca for so many. Walk the beach, hike one of dozens of natural trails along the coast and into the foothills of the Coast Range, or stroll through the many galleries to sample the diverse pallet that is Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach has been named among the nation's 100 Best Arts Towns, thanks to its resident artisans, thespians and authors. Whether you admire the artwork spanning so many mediums in the numerous galleries, or simply enjoy the rich local architecture punctuated by thoughtful public art, there is no lack of things to see and do here.

Activities abound in and around Cannon Beach. Swimming, surfing, horseback riding, paragliding, whale and wildlife watching are but a few things you can enjoy, while shopping the specialty food, d├ęcor and gift shops will give rise to endless hours of browsing. Restaurants, pubs, coffee houses and bakeries punctuate Cannon Beach, making for pleasurable gourmet dining or casual conversation over coffee at your leisure.

Come for the scenery, especially to drink in the majesty of Cannon Beach's iconic monolith, Haystack Rock, the third largest monolith on Earth. Explore the tidal pools at its base at low tide and revel in the thousands of birds that make it their home. Once here, you will find the easy nature and laid-back feel of Cannon Beach to be a natural stress-reducer, and a magnet that will draw you back time and time again...
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